Join Our Club

Why Join Rotary?

Each Rotary Club strives for a membership that is an up-to-date and progressive representation of its community’s business, vocational, and professional interests.
Membership in Rotary offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Effecting change within the community
  • Developing leadership skills and opportunities
  • Enhancing your attitude- which comes with helping servie the needs of your community  through local and international service projects
  • Gaining and understanding of- and having an impact on- international humanitarian projects
  • Networking with leaders in your community- :”Its great to do business with a Rotarian”

Interested in becoming a Rotary Club Member and ROTARIAN?

The Membership Process:  After participating in some of our events and meetings, ask a Rotarian that you have been networking with to submit your name for membership in the club. Upon approval, you will be asked to attend an induction ceremony at an upcoming club event where local Rotarians will welcome you and listen to you talk for a few minutes about yourself and your family.