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The John B. White Scholarship

Each year, Horizons Rotary funds two scholarships to graduating seniors from James Madison Memorial High School. The students are selected by their counselors because of their demonstrated participation in community service.

The scholarship was nameJohn B. White Scholarshipd after the late John White, a charter member of the Club. John was a powerful advocate for Rotary to inspire ethics in business. For his fellow members, he was regarded as the senior statesman who always guided the group to do the right thing.

John tendered his resignation from the Club at the time he was dying of cancer. However, the Board refused to allow him to resign until it had conferred upon him the Club’s first honorary membership for meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals. Those ideals live on today through the deeds of many fine young people who have been awarded a John B. White scholarship.

Written by John Pinger, Charter Member of Madison Horizons Rotary.