Annual Raffle Results!

Horizons holds one fundraiser a year, led by our one and only Nancy Winter. The proceeds are used for projects locally. If you didn’t get in on the action this year, there’s always next fall! Here are the winners from this year’s raffle:

Grand Prize 1: 2 Packer tickets won by Ryan Thoman
Sold by John Thoman

Grand Prize 2: 2 Packer tickets won by Zach Wachowiak
Sold by Paul Matzke

Badger tickets won by Shelby Mulcahy
Sold by Bob Anderson

Villa Dolce gift certificate won by Kim Trainor
Sold by Randy Hess

Clay Matthews picture: Craig Redwine
Sold by Nancy Winter

Sofra gift certificate won by Don Jackson
Sold by Paul Matzke

Coppertop gift certificate won by John Hefelbauer
Sold by John Thoman

“Shorthanded” book won by Andy Goepfert
Sold by Jim Sirianni

“Shorthanded” book won by Jason Salus
Sold by Jason Salus himself!

“Wheel Fever” book won by Craig Brown
Sold by Paul Matzke